Hi Nicole.

Thanks so much for booking The Warehouse Precinct Scavenger Hunt (WPSH)!

This form is to gain an understanding of how well WPSH served your purposes.

I also have a Player Feedback Form asking your team - if they have time - to reflect on their in-game experience. Please forward the link, if appropriate. All feedback generously contributes to the refinement of this young product. Perhaps we’ll get closer to answering the question: “Can we get better work through play?”

Cheers, Danny Still.

Leading up to the activity, was our manner approachable, and was our support and communication clear? If not, how can we improve?
WPSH strives to offer something everyone can shine at. How was WPSH a good fit and an engaging activity for the Enterprise Dunedin team?
In the context of your planning day sessions - what were the positive outcomes you saw?
How was the food received by your group and do you think VSK a good choice for your lunch venue? We will pass your comments back to Riah and the team.
Would you recommend WPSH or use Trickster Ltd again for a team activity - and, if so, why?
Would you and your staff grant us permission to quote your words on our website and use your staff photo beside them?