Hi Darryn.

This form is gain an understanding as to how well WPSH went from your perspective.

While there were certainly some elements that made life tricky during this inaugural WPSH run and I have sought to address these by asking your team (including yourself) to fill in the Player Feedback Form.

Was the activity a good fit for your team and what were the positive outcomes you saw?
We strive to offer something everyone can shine at. How did WPSH meet or exceed your expectations as an entertaining staff activity?
Leading up to the activity, was our interpersonal manner approachable, and was support and communication clear? If not, where can we improve?
Does Trickster’s WPSH represent good value for money?
Would you recommend and use Trickster again for a team activity?
Would you grant us permission to quote your words on our website and use your staff photo beside them?