TURF WAR by DKCM Trickster

Turf War!

Big Balls

Big Hair


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LOCATION: this is a site-specific sports game for Dunedin's gargantuan Forsyth Barr Stadium.

PLAYERS: MORE is more so bring 'em all. Turf War is surprisingly inclusive for a sports-based game, regardless of age or confidence level and can accommodate those with restricted mobility.

DURATION: It's Pick 'n' Mix from a punchy 45 mins up to an insane 90 minute programme!

CUSTOM PUZZLE: includes one Meta Puzzle (solvable across the entire event) created especially 4 U xoxo

FLEXIBILITY: This event is easily structured around events within the city and the Stadium itself. Talk to DVML (Dunedin Venues) who'll manage your options within this incredible venue.

TurfWar by DKCM / Trickster

When the tough get going, the going gets CRAYZAY!

Wacky PLUS whacky: this is straight up freekin' nuts.



What do you get when you take retro TV sporting gameshows from the 80s and 90s and douse them in crazy juice?

Turf War: A brutal mashup of Top Town, pumped up Gladiator hyper-sports and wacky Japanese gameshows - delivered Dunners-style!

Join forces to smash your competitors as you FAIL FAST to BIG WIN!!! It's the most exhilarating and hilarious venue tour of your life - round-robin style.

Turf War capitalises on the Stadium's inspiring atmosphere to full, fun effect with supersized games to match the scale of each space, delivered with iconic Dunedin flavour!

Go Big or Go Home is the crucial attitude infusing Turf War. Our bombastic, over-the-top facilitators, crazy team challenges and pumping soundtrack of anthems from legends who performed at the Stadium are the launchpad for player BIG-WINningness!!!!

Watch your progress on the big screen as you claim your turf!

Watch your progress on the big screen as you claim your turf!

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Challenge:  I hope you brought some "grippy" shoes coz this gets physical, vertical and completely impractical!

Explore: With the mighty Forsyth Barr Stadium as your playground, TURF WAR takes players on the most insane venue tour of their lives!

Collaborate: it's all for one and one for all - no kid gets left behind, you hear me?

Play: Now this is critical to your success: the more dignity you're prepared to lose, the more you stand to BIG WIN!!!!


Dig deep and give 110%

TURF WAR is a frenzy of insane activity but it still takes you where we wanna go... Spandex land!