Food & Beverage CHoices

Not everyone wants hot sauce - and some choose to forgo the burn on principle.

Trickster respects your choices through the consumables we offer in The Warehouse Precinct Scavenger Hunt with the help of the fabulous collaborating businesses. Your dietary requirements and preferences, including non-alcoholic options are supported.

Simply let us know on your booking form and we’ll do the rest.

What about rain?

You’re right - we’re in Dunedin and we get weather - seasons even. But it’s no sweat because, for most of The Hunt you’ll be inside and you’ll be comfortably dressed for action and the weather anyway. The show must go on!

Walking & Access

If you think that exploring 14 inner-city blocks requires walking then you’re correct. About 2km at a comfortable pace - that’s less than your xmas shopping and without the stress and guilt. Yes, you’ll want to be relatively fit - just leave your gumboots at home.

Also, if stairs may prove tricky, there are always alternate activities at street level close-by. With level changes are indicated on your map, a cool strategy is to split the team and smash out double the activities!