A Curious DIscount


It’s True

Thanks again for choosing to follow your curiosity. Your reward? Warehouse Precinct Scavenger Hunt tickets are, for you or your workplace not $75 but $60.

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You may work in or manage an incredible team of hard working people who might really thrive on a dash of Trickster madness.

Perhaps it’s your business and you wish to thank your staff for showing up while you sip melon daiquiris on your 2nd smallest yacht.

Or it’s your birthday, hen’s party or circumcision - whatever you wish to celebrate, simply follow these steps:

Hook U Up

  1. The Curious Discount Code is MAFFICKING.

  2. Approach whoever makes the decisions around there and talk reeeeeeeeal niiiiiiice. Mention the sweet discount too.

  3. Want to know more? Click the pink button below and fire your questions at Harriet - she’s snappy and has your back!

  4. See you in the Precinct!